Kindle Fire Handy Tips – Crop a Photo

Posted on 19th April 2012 - 3:17pm by A

You can crop an image so you cut off a border from it. This can be useful so you can focus on one area of the photo. To crop an image:

Kindle Fire Handy Tips - Crop an image

Crop an image to focus on your subject


1) From the Home screen press Apps.

2) Press the Gallery app.

3) Tap an album to open it.

4) Tap a photo so it is displayed in fullscreen view.

5) Press the Menu button.

6) Press the More button.

7) Press the Crop button. An orange box will automatically be centred on the middle of the image. Anything in the box will be kept and appear in the new image, anything outside will be cut.  You can move the box by tapping an area of the screen and dragging it.

8 ) Press Save.

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