Phil Spencer is ‘making sure’ Destiny hits 1080p on Xbox One

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Phil Spencer is making sure Destiny hits 1080p on Xbox One

Bungie have revealed that head of Xbox Phil Spencer wants them to make sure that their Xbox One version of Destiny hits a 1080p resolution.

Whilst the PlayStation 4 beta and alpha of Destiny were easily hitting a 1080p resolution, when the Xbox One beta was released it was 900p. Microsoft want the same higher resolution for the game’s retail release on their platform.

Bungie told MCV “Phil Spencer is a great friend of ours, and has been putting great effort into making sure that the Xbox One edition of Destiny hits 1080p and is a great experience.”

This news is likely to further provoke discussion about whether Phil Spencer is pushing developers to implement 1080p resolution into the Xbox One edition of their games at the expense of performance. Earlier this week it was revealed that Microsoft on seeing a pre-release build of Diablo III with a 900p resolution said This is unacceptable. You need to figure out a way to get a better resolution.” and pressured them to change it to 1080p which Digital Foundry’s analysis said impacted frame rate. In the aftermath of the furore Phil Spencer commented on Twitter “I just thought we could get to 1080p. If Blizzard thought it wasn’t right for Diablo they had the call on what shipped.”

Bungie also spoke about working with Sony on the PlayStation 4 before it was even released:

“Sony has been a fantastic partner with us. It’s been wonderful that we’ve been able to take part in the development of their hardware, it has gone beyond expectation in term of co-developing to ensure that our ambitions are possible on their platforms.”

However they haven’t forgotten the loyal Xbox fans who have previously invested financially and emotionally in their games:

“We’re not turning our back on our great relationship with Xbox.”

Source: MCV issue 801, Page 23. Friday 22nd August
Interview conducted with Bungie Lead Concept Artist Jesse Van Dijk and Director of Production Jonty Barnes.

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