Eurogamer EGX 2014 set to be the UK games event of the year

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Eurogamer EGX 2014 set to be the Games event of the year

The Eurogamer EGX London show takes place at Earls Court next week and it promises to be the UK’s most exciting gaming event of the year. Showcasing upcoming computer and console games and developers talking about the secrets behind their games. Like eating toasted chestnuts or drinking mulled wine, EGX is becoming something of a pre-Christmas tradition. It signals the beginning of the most exciting season in the gaming calendar, when publishers release their biggest games and consumers have an avalanche of titles to choose from.  

EGX is run by the people behind the Eurogamer family of websites and will be taking place next week at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London between the 25th – 28th of September.

What’s so great about it is that once you step in you see it’s a place that people of all ages and diverse walks of life come together to celebrate gaming. With many wearing their own remarkable Cosplay outfits.

The biggest publishers have row upon row of consoles with their biggest unreleased games for you to try before they are released. Traditionally Activision has a huge stand for Call of Duty and Ubisoft for Assassin’s Creed. Expect to also see Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in attendance previewing their latest games. The only negative is that for the more popular games queues can sometimes take over half an hour if you don’t get in line early.

There are developer sessions featuring the big name talent behind some big name titles, it’s fascinating to hear them share insights into how they build games. If you are interested in entering the business then you really should make a stop at the GamesIndustry Fair area where there are careers advisor and experts to point you in the right direction. lThere are also stands selling gamer merchandise so you can take away something home with you.

There’s a lot to see and play at EGX and the London 2014 exhibition promises to be even better than last year. So get your ticket and if you see a man running furiously from one stand to another with a big grin on his face – come say hello!



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