Microsoft website suggest next Xbox might be called the X8

Posted on 7th February 2013 - 5:01pm by A

Is the new Xbox called the X8 Xbox Infinity?


An Xbox tutorial guide by Microsoft seems to suggest that the next Xbox might be called the X8 or Xbox Infinity.

The official Xbox website has tutorial pages that explain how to use various features of the Xbox 360. But what is interesting is that two pages refer to the X8. The Playing Games page has “Play a Game (includes X8)” and the Xbox Music page has ‘Listen to Music (includes X8).’ Which can be interpreted as meaning that the instructions apply to the X8 console as well as the Xbox 360!

Microsoft’s new console is expected to be revealed later this year so the X8 name maintains a parity with their Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 OS names. It could also be that the 8 is a sideways infinity symbol so it might be named Xbox Infinity. Alternatively it could be called the X8ox.

Whilst it is to early to state that this is a irrefutable fact, and this is speculation, Microsoft have a history of accidentally leaking news on their website. In June 2011 the Xbox website listed details of the Halo: Combat Evolved remake and Halo 4, hours before they were officially unveiled on stage at E3.


Xbox X8 Xbox Infinity Xbox Music


As for whether X8 turns out to be the real name of the next Xbox, a placeholder name or even an elaborate Microsoft hoax, we just have to wait and see!




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