View DVDs in widescreen on PlayStation 3

Posted on 28th February 2013 - 10:53am by A

view 4x3 DVD in Widescreen on PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 has a very handy feature which allows you to stretch the image of 4×3 DVDs so it has a widescreen appearance.

Every week more people by media content  digitally but many of us have a vast library of DVDs that we still want to watch. Older TV programmes were recorded in a 4×3 aspect ratio. If you watch a 4×3 DVD on a HDTV it only fills a square area in the middle of the screen leaving large areas of empty space which can look awkward. You can change a setting on your PS3 so it stretches the image horizontally. There is a degree of distortion but overall the image appears better.

To make a 4×3 DVD display in a widescreen mode:

1) On the XMB go to Settings.

2) Go to Video Settings.

3) Go to BD/DVD – Upscaler and select Full Screen.


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