Apple’s data centres running on 100% renewable energy

Posted on 21st March 2013 - 8:43pm by A

Apple's data centres now using 100% renewable energy

Apple’s data centres now use only 100% renewable energy according to a report the company released on its environmental policies. The data centres at Austin, Elk Grove, Cork, and Munich, and the Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino run on green energy from a variety of sources including wind, hydro, geothermal and solar power. At least 60% of this energy is generated onsite and the rest obtained locally.Its corporate facilities worldwide are running on 75% renewable energy and they are hoping to improve on this once more energy options become available. In their report Apple say “We won’t stop working until we achieve 100 percent throughout Apple.” 

Apple are now building another data centre in Prineville, Oregon which will be using energy from locally sourced renewable resources.

Apple’s data centres are used to store the vast amount of digital content that is available to download from iTunes and the App stores including movies, music, games, ebooks and more.

Source: Apple

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