Next Xbox will control your TV

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Next Xbox 720 will work with cable box

A new leak of the Durango roadmap reveals that the next Xbox will be able to connect to a cable TV box to control programming directly from the console. Additionally a new Xbox 360 mini is due to be released.

The Durango roadmap is a document created by Microsoft that shows their plans for the next Xbox console and includes details of features.  VGLeaks a next-gen rumour website have received information that comes from a recent version of the roadmap and The Verge have received information about the TV functionality.

The next Xbox features a HDMI in, so a cable or satellite TV box can be plugged into the back of it. It will overlay the Xbox TV interface over TV programming and will allow channels to be changed directly from the next Xbox.

Contrary to recent rumours, the roadmap it says that the console will always be online but it will not be a requirement to play local games and it will not prevent the use of second-hand games.

Kinect 2 will be able to detect multiple players at the same time, it will have the ability to detect eye movement and will pause gameplay when players turn their head away from the screen.

The next Xbox will not provide backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games.

A new Xbox 360 mini will be released. It will be aimed to compete with the Apple TV and has been designed to introduce people to the Xbox ecosystem. It lacks a DVD drive but will be able to play games that have been downloaded from Xbox Live.

The Xbox 360 Mini can be attached to the next Xbox to provide full compatibility with Xbox 360 games via the next Xbox user interface.

Microsoft is expected to hold an event in late May where they will unveil the next Xbox and share the details of its capabilities.

Source: VG Leaks
Source: The Verge

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